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Dedicated fiber high speed internet

We understand how important having a reliable and secure internet connection is for getting your work done. Come to our space and enjoy a dedicated fiber connection that boasts 100x100 download/upload speeds. You don’t have to worry about anything happening to this network because of how reliable a dedicated fiber connection is. Paired with a top of the line router to enable maximum use, you can rest assured you will be able to get your work done on one of the best internet connections in the area.

KIZ zone

located within the Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ) if you have a company less than 8 years old, you may be eligible for tax credits. Come take advantage of this program downtown and get some stuff done. For more information visit the Keystone innovation zone website.

High tech telecommunication system

For those of you that hop on video conference calls, participate in webinars, and do online sales calls, then we have a system that may be perfect for you. If you are tech savvy and care about specs, we have a Polycom RealPresence 310 codec, with EagleEye Acoustic camera, microphone, and remote control connected to a LG 49LV340C 49" Commercial Grade Display and Mount. For everyone else; we have a badass teleconference system for you to make your business calls while looking good doing so. You could even skype with grandma and she might think you were in her screen because it would look so good.

Gourmet coffee

Rolling out of bed and heading to work is never an easy task. That’s why we provide delicious locally sourced coffee from local companies in the area to help you wake up. Come and get some work done while enjoying a quality cup of the good stuff.

Conference room available for rent as well

Maybe you have an office, but want to meet a friend or client? Well we will have the conference room available for rent to individuals that want to make an impression without paying for the office.

Events within the space for a chance to network and socialize

Community is everything in a co-working environment and in our space it is no different. Events will be held with members to enhance the space culture, but also who wants to work at a boring office? We also realize that business happens when you least expect it, so there will be networking opportunities within the space as well.

24 hour access for members

We understand that work doesn’t always happen from 9-5 these days and being able to work when you want is a great perk to have. Well we want to encourage that by having access all the time for card holding members. We just ask you be careful and take care of the space as much as it will take care of you.

Comfortable workspaces

Working for long periods is a daunting task, but those deadlines won’t meet themselves. We provide you an environment where you can finish your work in peace without the distraction of an uncomfortable environment. Easily accessible our space will provide your with workstations where the only uncomfortable part is trying not to fall asleep.


Monthly individual flex membership

We don’t want to decide when you work and we want you to make that decision. Therefore the base membership will pay for you to be able to use the space as much as you would like, whenever and how often.

Daily walk in rate available

Come check out what the space has to offer. We can give you the tour and if you like what you see, then we can talk more. Limited availability for this type.

Multiple month package deals available

If you like what you see and enjoy the space, then pay upfront for half the year or the full year. We will have a discount for people that want to truly enjoy the benefits that a co-working space has to offer.

Business packages available

If you have a company or work for a company with multiple employees, then check out our space and what we offer. We believe that quality work happens when teams can work together face to face, so we offer business packages to encourage that to happen.

For more information about membership and pricing please contact us


Feeder Canal Building, Johnstown PA, 15901